Enabling the Circular Economy

As a business that values communities, resources and the planet, we are totally committed to protecting the integrity of our customers’ brands by consistently meeting or exceeding their expectations of service, quality and performance.

Reconext operates to the same high standards of sustainability as our customers, making us a true partner.

We have embedded environmental and social ideals at the core of our day-to-day operational management, and conduct business in an economically and environmentally sound and sustainable manner. Our service centers are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and R2 certified.

  • Environment & Sustainability

  • Circular Supply Chain

  • Environmental and Sustainability Reports

“ At our core we have always been about keeping electronic devices, parts and materials as long as possible in the lifecycle. As such we have supported new-buy avoidance strategies, increased significantly the volume of preowned devices and at the same tine decreased the carbon footprint of products. This will also lead our future core and has inspired us by defining Reconext.”

Monika Collée, Global Director Communications & CSR
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