Repair & Refurbishment

Reconext specializes in enhancing the value of our customers’ assets in the reuse and resale of their devices. Increasingly, repair and refurbishment services are becoming economically more attractive, as they extend the life of returned equipment, provide like-new devices and enable our customers to avoid new purchases and contributing to the circular economy.

As well as complete device equipment, we also repair and refurbish, Displays and accessories such as power supplies, remotes, and cables.

We’ve automated our processes where appropriate, and designed them according to Lean principles, to deliver speed and agility. Our full spectrum of functional repair capabilities incorporates Level 1 to Level 4 Ball Grid Array (BGA) Repair for electronic components. Our state-of-the-art facilities feature Class 100 clean rooms, burn-in systems, conveyor systems, anodizing facilities and the option for automated feeding. These capabilities empower us to restore devices to a usable state in accordance to a defined standard, and at a lowest cost.

We are pleased to be the global leader in parts and material recovery and reclamation, and have developed proprietary tools and processes to recover any valuable component within in a wide range of product devices.

We can reclaim functional and cosmetic device parts, such as LCDs (LCD Buyer), flex cables, Wi-Fi modules, speakers, vibrators, glass, buttons and midframes, as well as rare earth materials. Recovered parts usually cost a fraction of the price of new OEM replacement parts. When necessary, we can reverse engineer products to develop technical specifications, bill of materials, and work instructions, should no other option be available.

We also provide refurbishment services including surface material polishing and respray of the highest quality, as well as certified data wipe, and software and firmware updates.

“ Our extensive experience provides best-in-class solutions and processes to allow our customers to receive products that are as-new, guaranteeing the best experience for end-users, while allowing savings and optimized re-use of the resources invested.”

Mariusz Rybarczyk, Senior Manager Program Management
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