Whether in the home, the office or out in the field, Internet of Things (IoT) devices are becoming omnipresent, and our solutions are evolving along with this diverse and fast-growing industry. We take a very practical approach and tailor our processes to the product attributes and the business context of the return flows we support.

Our experience spans all types of consumer and business-facing IoT equipment including:

  • AI assistants
  • Connected entertainment devices
  • Smart home automation, security, safety, energy efficiency devices
  • Smart meters
  • CCTV

We understand that each device type of device has varying requirements so Reconext customizes each solution that encompasses erasure of data, development of an acceptable cosmetic specification, and internet connectivity remain paramount in all cases. We partner closely with OEMs, retailers and home safety providers so they can benefit from our full range of IoT solutions that maximize device reuse.

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