Optiline CPE

Customer Premises Equipment

With decades of experience, Reconext is a market leader offering automated proprietary test technology that provides unparalleled objective, functional and cosmetic testing and diagnostics for Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) such as set-top boxes.

more than


Set-Top-Boxes (STB) and Gateways tested in 2020

The test, repair and refurbishment solutions we’ve developed provide services for leading TV and Internet providers’ equipment including:

  • Set-top boxes
  • Modems
  • Gateways
  • Other customer premises equipment (CPE)
Device refurbishment

Device refurbishment

We are certified by all relevant OEMs and set the benchmark when it comes to process and technology, maximizing value by extending the life of these devices. This means that our customers can redeploy refurbished assets to the next subscriber in a short timeframe.
End-to-end logistics services

Returns management & fulfillment

We help increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn by delivering like-new products of the highest quality to the end customer.

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