Returns can arrive in all shapes, sizes and conditions. Reconext can quickly and efficiently manage inbound receipt, inspection and grading, cleaning and refurbishment, repackaging, aftermarket sales and warranty management. Our global footprint ensures your devices are quickly returned to your supply chain, maximizing their value. 

Returns Management Services at Reconext
Forward Fulfillment Services at Reconext

Forward fulfillment can offer its own unique complexities through multiple channels, global markets and specialized requirements. With extensive value-added services – kitting, device customization, labeling, laser etching and robust quality controls— your customers will receive products which exceed their expectations.

Worldwide Footprint

With 17 service centers located in key regions, Reconext can meet the needs of the largest global customers.

Global Transportation Services

Our in-house logistics team ensures all goods are transported optimally and efficiently.

Same-Day Critical Order Fulfillment

Reconext can provide expedited fulfillment for high priority shipments.

Time-Specific Delivery

Need something delivered at a specific time? Our logistics professionals can coordinate time sensitive shipments.

Reconext has the experience and infrastructure to manage the most complex logistics requirements. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and to develop solutions that maximize efficiencies and eliminate pain points. Combining reverse logistics with repair and refurbishment cuts out unneeded moves and touches and provides a true end-to-end solution.

Reconext offers specialized “Demo and Loan” or Try and Buy services in support of new technology migration and market penetration.

Designed especially for configured products or products that need integration, our technical solutions combined with material planning help provide your customers with a turnkey solution. 

Reconext's Demo Loan/Try and Buy Services

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