Testing & Grading

Whether our customers need us to examine a smart phone, hard drive or piece of networking equipment, we ensure that we return every device objectively graded and tested to pass stringent requirements.

Our customized test and grading solutions are highly flexible, cost effective and ADISA certified for data erasure. Plus, customers can access test data in the cloud for their own analytics, audit trail and compliance purposes.

Our suite of in-house developed, automated testing and grading solutions cover a variety of technologies including:

Optiline by Reconext

• HDDs & SSDs
• Smartphones & mobile parts
• Modems & set-top boxes
• PCs
• Networking equipment
• IoT devices

The grading platform we use is objective and automated, allowing us to correctly assess a device against a set of predetermined criteria. Customers can integrate this with their own systems, giving them end-user visibility of results.

Our equipment can also test components in a standalone environment, such as flex cables, power and volume buttons, and LCDs.

And we’re able to inspect devices to identify fraudulent claims or counterfeit parts. Our solutions can also be deployed in our own facilities or as a “box in box” in our partner’s facility.

“ Our innovative Objective Testing and Grading Solutions for CPE and Storage devices allow us and our Customers to more precisely monitor and manage the yields and quality vs spend in test and repair processes. We continue to invest into automation and latest technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence) to retain our market-leading position in our industry for testing and grading solutions.”

Aivar Elbrecht, Global Innovation Director
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