Our suite of in-house developed, automated testing and grading solutions cover a variety of technologies including:

  • HDDs & SSDs
  • Smartphones & mobile parts
  • Modems & set-top boxes
  • PCs
  • Networking equipment
  • IoT devices

Our testing and grading solutions can also be deployed in our own facilities or as a “box in box” in our partner’s facility.

Objective & Automated

Our grading platform allows us to correctly assess a device against a set of predetermined criteria.

Ability to Integrate

Customers can integrate this with their own systems, giving them end-user visibility of results.


Our equipment can also test components in a standalone environment, such as flex cables, power and volume buttons, and LCDs.


We’re able to inspect devices to identify fraudulent claims or counterfeit parts.

Secure Data Destruction

Uncompromising standards for data destruction are imperative.  Our process ensures a complete chain of custody with full traceability. Complete details and documentation of data sanitization are provided for audit purposes.

Reconext Proteus

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