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We design & engineer innovative post-sale solutions for electronic devices.

Our capabilities range from testing and grading, full repair, and cosmetic renewal to value recovery. Our clients include leading OEMs, cable, satellite and mobile device operators, retailers, insurers, and Fortune 500 companies. 


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Leading OEMs, cable, satellite and mobile device operators, retailers, insurers, data centers and large corporations trust Reconext to help them manage the lifecycle of their electronic products.

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    We Engineer Reuse

    We Engineer Reuse 

    Achieving greater reclamation through exhaustive experimentation.

    Our focus on continuous improvement keeps us asking – How can we do this better? This spirit leads to processes and techniques that allow us to salvage more existing parts and components by repairing or refurbishing rather than using new replacements.

    Sustainable Solutions:

    Reducing Costs and Carbon Emissions

    Our unique capabilities help customers reduce costs and carbon emissions. We do this by engineering processes designed to extend the life of a device by addressing both functional and cosmetic issues. Returning devices to “like new” condition eliminates the need for manufacturing a replacement in many cases. The costs and carbon emissions associated with refurbishment are typically a fraction of what is required to manufacture a new unit.

    Reconext Repair and Refurbishment

    Repair & Refurbishment

    Reconext enhances the value of our customers’ assets for reuse and resale. Learn More

    Reconext Asset Recovery

    ITAD Services

    We deliver a full suite of security-focused asset recovery solutions. Learn More

    Reconext Trade-In and Buyback

    Trade-In & Buyback

    We’ve designed the industry’s most comprehensive platform for recovering used devices. Learn More

    Reconext Testing and Grading

    Testing & Grading

    We grade and test devices to pass the most stringent requirements. Learn More

    Reconext Returns Management and Fulfillment

    Returns Management & Fulfillment

    Comprehensive, customizable direct-to-consumer and B2B services for both forward and reverse logistics on a global scale. Learn More

    HYPR: High-Yield Parts Reclamation

    Achieving the highest possible product yields is a key objective for Reconext. Utilizing unique testing and refurbishment processes designed in-house by our team of over 400 engineers, we recertify devices and components that others may simply fail. Maximizing yields make programs more cost-effective for our customers and reduces the overall environmental impact.

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