While your organization focused on energy consumption and building design…

A Sinister foe that you overlooked has been waiting in the wings…

slowly sucking the life out of your environmental goals.

Reconext can shine a light in the shadows and tame the
Carbon Monster.

A carbon monster lurks within the walls of every data center. It often escapes the scrutiny of even the most well-intentioned operators.

The bigger the data center, the bigger the monster.

Did it come here to destroy our planet? – exhausting precious resources while emitting harmful C02. By wearing a familiar disguise, it tricks its would-be adversaries into overlooking it. One might think it came from another galaxy but, in fact, we created it. This monster lurks in the cavernous spaces within the data centers that enable our modern digital lives. Perhaps it can’t be fully eradicated but it’s impact can be greatly diminished with the right techniques and expertise.

It’s time we drive this monster from the shadows and reveal its hidden effects.

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